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Our Company

We are a cotton and related fibers knit garments manufacturer. We have over 20 years of experience in exports to the North American, Latin American and European markets. Our business culture is based on customer satisfaction by offering high quality products just in time. Our versatility lies in our being a multi-style factory, which allows us to produce and control various orders at the same time. PSG offers to their customers "full package" service from the purchase of the yarn to the export of the garments. Our services start at the product development unit, followed by fabric reception and cutting, passing to manufacturing and, lastly, to finishing, where the garments are packaged for shipping.

PSG possesses versatility to work multiple styles simultaneously in yarns of the highest quality, such as Pima, Tangüis, 100% organic and mixed, namely modal, viscous, polyester and spandex, as well as additional fibers such as alpaca, cashmere, linen and others, enabling us to offer a wide and original variety of garments in the textures and designs required by our customers. Additionally, we have a Handcrafted line, made with fabrics woven by native craftsmen with articles of clothing designed for high quality and highly sophisticated markets.


Division and infrastructure


Product development

Meticulous analysis of all process of pre-production. Development of patterns and cutting templates. Analysis of shrinkage and previous study of times for production. Preparation of technical sheets and production path specification. Cutting, sewing quality control and finishing of Prototypes, Sales Samples and Pre-Production samples.




Creation of optimal pattern drafting for better yield of fabric. Panel cutting, laundering to confirm shrinkage, piece cutting, qualification and packaging for delivery to sewing.



Garment manufacturing. Thread cleaning. Inspection and quality audit of garments.



Reception of garments for ironing and final measurement. Preparation of samples for garment audit and packaging (AQL).

Lead times and minimums


Quotations: 7-10 days.
Prototypes: 10-15 days in available fabric and color.
Fabric development: 30 days.
Sales samples: 35-45 days.
Production: 90-120 days.
Re-orders: 60-90 days.


300pcs per-color/style and 900pcs per type of fabric. You can combine styles in order to achieve yarn and dyeing minimums.






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